Forging a stronger community in New Castle, Delaware.

Here at Frontline CrossFit, there is a plan for you. The days of wandering aimlessly around the traditional gyms are over. It’s time for you to find your limits, and CRUSH them!

Thank you for visiting!  Established in 2012, Frontline CrossFit began in a tiny garage in Trainer, PA.  Joey Riccardi followed his passion of running his own gym and at the time, he made the 2,000 sq ft “box” a place where he bred athletes! Frontline CrossFit soon doubled its size, taking over the garage next door.  That year, Joey focused on building his dream and taking his gym to Mid-Atlantic Regionals. That dream came true. Frontline CrossFit put itself on the map as one of the fittest gyms in the region!  We call Coach Joey the “Mad Scientist” when it comes to programming workouts and strength for the members.  Workouts are carefully thought out, taking into account progression of strength and speed, athletic background, and current physical ability, all while maintaining a safe but fun place to get fit!  He is known for his killer programming which has its way of working for every person, regardless of fitness goals.

Frontline CrossFit has evolved into a beautiful, spacious location in a sports complex next to ThunderStix Batting Cages and Mid Atlantic Grand Prix off of Rt. 13, 1 mile outside of Wilmington city limits. The doors are open, music is playing, sweat is dripping and goals are being crushed! Come see what all the buzz is about and why we are one-of-a-kind!

We have programs to suit anyone.  All workouts are scalable and modifiable.  We offer CrossFit classes, Unloaded classes (Lighter weights, less skill, longer endurance workouts) and CrossFit Kids classes for ages 4-10.

Enough about us, come by and check us out!  We’re conveniently located next to Comcast, across from Lowes and DMV at 4060 N. DuPont Hwy Units 1 & 2. We look forward to coaching you soon!

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A True Community

Community is the heart of CrossFit and what we are all about at Frontline CrossFit. We strive to know each individual and their individual goals to help you achieve all that you set your mind to. You will make new friends and find a new family at Frontline CrossFit. There’s never been a community so supportive of each other while working so hard and having a ton fun. We are constantly doing all we can to make this community what it has become and couldn’t be more grateful to be surrounded by such amazing people day in and day out!


Jan 2017

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