Here at Frontline CrossFit, there is a plan for you. The days of wandering aimlessly around the traditional gyms are over. For some of you, perhaps you have been playing CrossFit for “a while.” Are you progressing? Have you lost weight? Has your Back Squat or Olympic Clean gone up? Are you running that mile faster than ever? Are you able to knock out 50 push-ups with little to no rest? Are pullups almost there or are they feeling easier?

You should answer “Yes” to most, if not all of the above. If not, you may be wasting your time where you are. Even if you are not looking to compete in this sport, you started doing CrossFit and working out for a reason; to get fit. This is our plan for all of you. If you are part of the Frontline Team and you are not progressing, then we are not doing our job. Luckily, we are too passionate about this sport for that to happen. ¬†You will get leaner, stronger, faster, and fitter here. It’s our promise to you. Your only regret will be that you didn’t join us sooner.